Modern English and American Literature and Culture Doctoral Program

Head of the Program: Dr. Andrea Timár

The Modern English and American Literature and Culture Doctoral Programme focuses on the study of English, American and other English-language literatures and cultures from the 18th century to the present. 

The programme is taught by faculty members in the Department of English Studies at the Institute of English-American Studies. We are particularly interested in British Romanticism, Modernism, Postmodernism, and/or contemporary English, Irish, Scottish, American and Canadian literature and culture. In these fields, the programme is considered one of the most important centres in the country. 

The programme places a strong emphasis on the discussion of the dissertations in progress. We organise doctoral research conferences and workshops, and the final PhD defence is preceded by a departmental debate with two advising referees.  

Doctoral students can both join and form research groups under the guidance of a faculty member. Over the past decades, these research groups have had various area of focus, such as the study of Romanticism, cultural memory, narratives of culture and identity, popular culture, or the question of the "human" (posthumanism, dehumanisation).  

The programme often invites guest lecturers from abroad, and offers students the opportunity to contribute to conference proceedings, or special journal issues (e.g. HJEAS, Helikon, Filológiai Közlöny). The AnaChronisT, a peer-reviewed English-language yearbook published by the Department of English Studies, is specifically aimed at PhD students. 

In the two and a half decades since its foundation, the MODA Programme has awarded more than 50 PhD degrees. Many of the successfully defended dissertations have been published by prestigious publishers, in Hungary, in England or in the US. 

Instructors of the program

Zsolt, Czigányik, Ph.D., Habil. Associate Professor.

Péter Dávidházi, Professor Emeritus, Member of HAS

Ákos Farkas, Ph.D., Habil. Associate Professor

Bálint Gárdos, Ph.D., Senior Lecturer

János Kenyeres, C.Sc., Habil. Associate Professor

Zsolt Komáromy, Ph.D., Habil. Associate Professor

Iván Nyusztay, PhD, Habil. Senior Lecturer

Éva Péteri, Ph.D., Senior Lecturer

Natália Pikli, Ph.D., Habil. Associate Professor

Eglantina Remport, Ph.D, Senior Lecturer

Katalin Szlukovényi, PhD, Senior Lecturer

Andrea Timár, Ph.D., Habil. Associate Professor

Students of the program

Jeffrey Baus: Jeffrey M. Baus, PhD candidate, is writing his dissertation on the virtue ethics of Henry David Thoreau in the science fiction of Clifford D. Simak.

Judit Bánházi

Fanni Fekete-Nagy: My research concerns contemporary Irish poetry both in English and in Irish and I am mainly interested in allusions and cultural memory.

Brigitta Gyimesi

Petra Hack: The development, and education of young women as represented in the novels of late-eighteenth and early-nineteenth-century women writers.

Afaf Hamada

Györgyi Kovács

László Kuroli

Franciska Linszky: I'm an English teacher, a photographer and a first year PhD student. In my research my two main fields of interest overlap, I explore the relationship of literature and the “divine art of photography” through the lens of Julia Margaret Cameron.

Nóra Nádasdi

Dóra Sápi

Csaba Spalovszky

Eszter Johanna Székelyhidi: Johanna E. Székelyhidi researches gender and performative identity in contemporary British theatre, with a focus on queer studies.

Yuliia Terentieva

Éva Vancsó: The representation of women in popular science fiction television, mainly in the utopian universe of Star Trek, with special focus on the forms of female monstrosity. 

Ádám Kling

Réka Székely

Éva Evgenich