Research groups

Research groups

ELTE CEMS – Centre for Early Modern Studies Research Group

ELTE CEMS includes young and established scholars as well as doctoral students focusing mainly on early modern English culture, literature, history, and iconography. Besides philological and archival work, the research group aims to examine various theoretical aspects of the above mentioned fields, and conduct research in an interdisciplinary manner, with special regard to networks and interrelations between various cultural layers, nations, and media. The research interests of the group are varied and encompass numerous different phenomena, which are studied with relevance to the members’ specific fields. The main purpose of the group is to initiate a dialogue between not only the members but also the scientific fields represented. 

Leaders of Research Group: Dr. habil Natália Pikli and Dr. habil. Andrea Velich

The schedule for spring 2024 is available here.

EASPop – English and American Studies Pop Culture Research Group

EASPop is engaged in the scientific processing of popular culture in English and Hungarian, and has been working in this capacity since autumn 2017. The aim of the research group is to examine the theoretical aspects of popular culture and its different forms of presentation in an interdisciplinary approach. The research focuses partly on historical and partly on synchronous phenomena, according to the interests of the members of the research team.
The research team includes postgraduate students, doctoral students and established researchers. Team organizes conferences, guest lecturers and has edited a collection of essays.

Leaders of Research Group: Dr. Vera Beczik, Dr. habil Natália Pikli, and Dr. Lili Zách

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Judit Anna Bánházi, Zsolt Beke, Vera Benczik, Eszter Zsuzsanna Csorba,  Ádám Márton Kling, Györgyi Kovács, Natália Pikli, Eszter Johanna Székelyhidi, Orsolya Szujer,  Éva Vancsó(eds.): Encounters of the Popular Kind: Traditions and Mythologies / Populáris típusú találkozások: Hagyományok és mitológiák. Budapest: ELTE, 2021.


The study of popular culture has gained momentum in Hungarian academic circles in the 21st century. The present volume showcases 27 studies, which all prove one point: studying phenomena of popular culture is inspiring in many areas of life, and in numerous scientific disciplines, from literature and linguistics to visual, music and ecocritical studies, pedagogy and narrative criminology.


The volume is available on ELTE Reader.