Medieval and Early Modern English Culture and Literature Doctoral Program

Head of the program: Dr. Pikli Natália

The Doctoral Program "Medieval and Early Modern English Culture and Literature" was founded in 1993 by István Géher and Géza Kállay.

The academic and research portfolio of the Program includes studies in medieval and early modern culture and literature, with a focus on Shakespearean and early modern theatre and drama, the ouevre of other early modern playwrights (Christopher Marlowe), the reception and adaptation of Shakespeare and early modern authors in Hungary. The program favours interdisciplinary approaches and promotes academic networks within Eötvös Loránd University and with other national and international academic workshops. Since the 1990s, the program has been in contact with the Shakespeare Institute in Stratford-upon-Avon, and with other Hungarian research institutions. So far more than fifty doctoral dissertations have been written and successfully defended in the program.

The small size of the program with its wide-ranging academic network opportunities facilitates intensive and interdisciplinary research, which corresponds to the highest national and interinternational standards. 

At present, the program supports the work of the interdisciplinary research group ELTE-CEMS/Centre for Early Modern Studies, which welcomes new members. The mission statement of ELTE-CEMS can be seen here. Contact:

Instructors of the program

Dr. Tibor Fabiny, Dr. Marcell Gellért, Dr. Iván Nyusztay, Dr. Natália Pikli, Dr. Andrea Velich

Students of the program

Gergő Dávid (supervisor: Dr. Marcell Gellért Marcell): Wittgensteinian aspects in plays by Christopher Marlowe and William Shakespeare

Pethő Nóra (supervisor: Dr. Marcell Gellért): Law and literature, Shakespeare and law, Language and law in Shakespeare

Matus-Kassai Gyöngyi (supervisor: Dr. Tibor Fabiny, Dr. Natália Pikli): early modern English culture and literature, Reformaton, Bible translation, translations of classical Greek and Latin works in early modern England, common phrases in the Bible and Shakespeare

Jungbauer Loretta (supervisor: Dr. Marcell Gellért): violence and the cult of death in early modern England, Christopher Marlowe's works, metatheatre and dramaturgy, sister arts 

Sali Said  (supervisor: Dr. Natália Pikli): Individualism and Collectivism in Shakespeare, Renaissance England during the Plague, women in Shakespeare (Antony and Cleopatra)