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Student Research

Student Research


We invite students interested in academic research to become members of our Student Research Group (SRG/TDK) of the Department of English Studies. We meet every second week to discuss members’ research with the aim to create a platform for young scholars to get in touch, support one anothers' endeavours, provide and receive feedback, while also practicing their skills of academic research, writing and presentation. Our Student Research Group (TDK) has a long-standing tradition at the Department, and our members have been successful at numerous National Student Research Conferences (OTDK/Országos Tudományos Diákköri Konferencia).  

For more, read below and, if interested, please contact our faculty members: Bálint Gárdos ( and Dóra Janczer-Csikós (  


Over the decades, our RSG/TDK students have collected several special prizes, been on the podium (top 3) and won the National Research Student Conference. Some of these students have gone on to have fruitful academic careers, securing research funding through the Új Nemzeti Kiválósági Program (ÚNKP/ National Student Excellence Programme) or the Irish Embassy Bursary Programme (IEBP/Embassy of Ireland, Hungary). Some of them have advanced even further, winning PhD scholarships and securing teaching positions at universities, at home and abroad. It is always a delight to meet them as colleagues at conferences, workshops, or faculty meetings at our own Department. 

Our student research community has been vibrant, with much student input, and our aim is to continue to build this research-forward student community for the future. SRG/TDK students are supported by our faculty in forms of free consultation, supervision and preparation for conferences and publications. Over the years, our SRG/TDK team have met under the guidance of Péter Dávidházi, Judit Friedrich, Veronika Ruttkay and Eglantina Remport. For her continued support of students’ research activities and for her success as supervisor of numerous award-winning OTDK papers, Judit Friedrich has received the Golden Medal (Mestertanári Aranyérem) from the Research Council of the National Student Research Conference (2015).  

Please read report of the Golden Medal Ceremony on the following website of ELTE: 


The Faculty of Humanities (BTK) ELTE offers additional support for research students in forms of conference funding, and organising workshops on academic writing, presentation and publishing. All information can be found at the following link:


SEAS ELTE also offers institutional support for students to present their research during its week of International Poster Presentation Conference. All information on entry requirements can be found here:

If you have further questions about the IPPC, please contact Annamária Fábián ( at the Department of English Studies.  


Each year, a select committee of the Department of English Studies awards two Outstanding Thesis Awards: one for the best BA thesis and one for the best MA thesis in English Literature, History and Film. The award ceremony takes place at the end of each academic term, in July, and the theses are subsequently published in OVERSEAS (ISSN  2630-8568), an academic journal of SEAS ELTE.  

For more information on the award and on past winners, please visit: 

The award-winning theses are uploaded on the OVERSEAS website for consultation: